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Users have a Lync / Skype for Business client on their desktop. This software application provides presence, voice, IM, and video capabilities locally. Remote users may go through a SIP trunk or another SIP-to-PSTN conversion managed, for instance, by an AudioCodes gateway. Jul 29, 2017 · A bit of PowerShell to allow you to add a PSTN Usage to the list of PSTN Usages assigned to a Cs Voice Policy, inserted in the position you indicate.The changes that you make are logged, including the resultant set of PSTN Usages and a back-out command that you can execute to und

Hi guys, I've this scenario: Lync 2013 (standalone - only Mediations server) CUBE (ISR 4400) CUCM 11.5 - On Lync I use Skipe Bus. client - DN:14xx, - On CUCM I use Cisco 7821 - DN - 13xx - Cisco CUBE has a QSIG ISDN trunk to PSTN So when Lync client Jan 24, 2013 · Route using the call PSTN usages (default) - essentially means to allow users to forward calls to any destination phone number they are allowed to call (the same behaviour as in Lync 2010). So if a user is allowed to call international numbers, they will be allowed to forward/simultaneous ring international numbers. Fertigation pdf

The most important point here is “the order of the normalization rules” – You can see that “Keep All” is top most of all rules. This means, in SFB/Lync, any number dialed will be first tried with the top most rule, followed by second rule, and so on. As soon as it found matching, it stops trying other following rules. 1. Add CUCM to the Lync topology. 2. Configure the dial plan. 3. Add voice policy and route. 4. Add Trunk configuration. 1. Adding CUCM as a PSTN Gateway using Topology Builder This is fairly straighforward process of using Topology Builder to a new PSTN Gateway using the IP address of CUCM with port 5060 over TCP:

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All Lync/PSTN to/from PSTN/Lync Calls Get-LsP2PPSTNAudioOnly will show all the calls in which PSTN connectivity was involved All Peer to Peer Lync Usage Get-LsP2PSession will show you all the peer to peer sessions in your Lync environment- Audio, Video, desktop sharing, etc. You can then filter by whole lot of different properties to narrow ... Use the Next Hop Connections tab to configure Mediation Server connections to the Office Communications Server 2007 R2 next-hop server and a public switched telephone network (PSTN) gateway. Note: Any changes to the settings on this tab do not take effect until you restart the Office Communications Server Mediation Server. Python stream compressionThat number was determined to be used for inter-trunk routing because of our PSTN usage applied to the GW-PSTN. But remember, our scenario needs us to send four digits to GW-LAB. So in order to accomplish this, we need to go back to our Lync server and create a new PSTN Trunk for GW-LAB. Thanks Adam for this Awesome post. Now I am able to make calls from Asterisk to Lync extension without any issues. Problem was with my Lync extension telephone number previously I used default format (i.e. tel:+2001) that was causing the problem.. PSTN usages are string values that are used for call authorization. A PSTN usage links a voice policy to a route. The Get-CsPstnUsage cmdlet retrieves the list of all PSTN usages available within an organization.

Nov 20, 2012 · The Lync Server Global, Site, or Pool Trunk Configuration policy has the Enable refer support option enabled; The IP gateway that is deployed locally or the IP gateway that is deployed by the Internet Service Provider’s (ISP) SIP trunk service does not support the use of the SIP REFER method

PSTN usages are string values that are used for call authorization. A PSTN usage links a voice policy to a route. The Get-CsPstnUsage cmdlet retrieves the list of all PSTN usages available within an organization. Jan 27, 2012 · This rule tells the Lync server to pass 11 digits to the Asterisk. 4. Create a Call Route. Select New Route and name it and add a description. Leave the Pattern to match the default “*” which matches all calls. 5. Scrolling down select Add for Associated Gateways and select the PSTN Gateway. Do not yet associate a PSTN Usage. Lightning trade lecavalier

Lync Alternate Routing Configuration I came across a couple of questions this week that I think most people might already know but its worth going over.How does Lync use gateways placed in a Route, Routes placed in a PSTN Usage and PSTN Usages placed in a Voice Policy to allow the correct alternate routing order? What This Feature Does: If you choose to participate, the Customer Experience Improvement Program (CEIP) collects basic information about your hardware configuration and how you use Microsoft software and services in order to identify trends and usage patterns. CEIP also collects the type and number of errors you encounter, software and ...

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Each Route gets assigned the PSTN Usage records that users must have in order to call the numbers served by the Route US Long Distance Route resiliency can be done with multiple Usage’s User’s first Usage grants “Local Calling” User’s second Usage grants “Long Distance Calling” – can also reach local numbers